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Regulation and Enforcement

We know how to make regulatory and enforcement frameworks fit for the 21st century, protecting and improving the environment while also delivering health and well-being benefits and sustainable economic growth. We partner with our clients to help them design and implement innovative regulatory frameworks and operating models that address their environmental challenges.

Today’s regulatory approaches must keep pace with the huge diversity of environmental challenges that we face. SEPA’s regulatory and enforcement models are proportionate; tailored to business sectors; and promote beyond compliance performance.

For clients across government agencies and industry bodies our integrated delivery model supports regulatory framework development as well as providing ongoing implementation support. Services include developing environmental charging schemes; developing enforcement tools; environmental permitting; compliance assessment; evidence and intelligence and regulatory monitoring and inspection.

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Beyond compliance: One Planet Prosperity

We know regulatory compliance alone will not enable our clients to fully grasp the sustainability opportunities of the world today. We have extensive experience of working constructively with individual operators and industry sectors, as partners. We guide operators and sectors towards long term prosperity through realising the economic and environmental benefits of going beyond compliance. We look beyond the current linear economic model and help industry realise the benefits of the regenerative circular economy.

We have extensive experience of working with the food and drink, agricultural, and manufacturing sectors. Using this experience, we help our public sector clients build prosperous relationships and partnerships with business to ensure that the full economic and reputational benefits of leading environmental practice are realised.

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Flood Risk Management, Forecasting and Warning

Climate change has made the threat of flooding a global priority. Our team provide help to Governments, communities and businesses to protect from the risks of flooding. As Scotland’s national hydrometric, flood risk management, and flood forecasting and warning authority, we have an international reputation for our skills and experience in managing the risks and impacts of flooding in urban and rural areas.

Our proven expertise can help deliver flood risk management more effectively at both strategic and local levels, reducing the risks, impacts and costs of flooding. Core components of our expertise include flood risks assessment, flood risk management strategy development, climate change adaptation, land use planning and natural flood management. In addition, SEPA has developed tools and services in topographical survey techniques, flood inundation mapping, direct flood warning systems and automated flood warning systems.

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Environmental Monitoring and Scientific Services

Today, the environment we live and work in faces new and diverse challenges. To overcome these challenges it is essential to first understand the state of the environment and the pressures it faces.

Our scientific expertise can help our clients monitor the state of the environment, and assess the impacts of measures undertaken to improve environmental quality. We help our clients develop national and local monitoring plans in areas such as the marine environment, freshwater and air quality.

In support of this, we operate two first-class forensic laboratories, providing a range of laboratory and field analytical capabilities for gaseous, liquid and solid samples, and ecological status, from aquatic and terrestrial environmental media. Many of our analytical capabilities are accredited to ISO 17025 by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) and are subject to an extensive and rigorous internal and external audit programme.

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Catchment Scale Solutions

We realise that our clients don’t just need solutions to isolated environmental problems. They need an integrated approach to improve environmental performance across entire catchments.

SEPA is at the forefront of catchment management and our work in successfully implementing the EU Water Framework Directive has attracted recognition from the European Commission and beyond.

Our multidisciplinary strengths enable us to develop catchment level plans, measures to improve ecological status, and collaborative action to address complex challenges such as diffuse pollution. By bringing these skills together we enable our clients’ to fully realise the environmental, economic and health benefits of sustainable catchment management.

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Data insight and Visualisation

We help our clients put environmental information and evidence at the heart of their decision-making. We work with our clients’ to navigate the complexities of data - providing insight, answering key environmental questions, predicting the unknown and directing future action.

We are able to apply our expertise to our clients’ data, adding value through expert modelling, analysis and presentation, and facilitating meaningful access to data from multiple sources through a partnership web portal

As our client, we help you unlock the power of data to face today’s emerging environmental threats head on.

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