About Us

SEPA is one of the world's leading Environment Protection Agencies. We protect and improve the environment, in ways which also create health and well-being benefits and sustainable economic growth. We use unique and innovative approaches and products to successfully deliver these benefits; have skills, expertise and experience across a wide range of relevant disciplines; and have established a formidable reputation as an organisation at the cutting edge of global thinking and practice on sustainability.

Our Experience

SEPA is a multidisciplinary agency that is internationally recognised with over 20 years' experience in protecting the environment. Trusted to solve a wide range of environmental challenges, SEPA has developed a broad range of capabilities which includes: 

  • Developing and implementing innovative regulatory frameworks
  • Enforcement action to drive legal compliance
  • Working with businesses to deliver excellence and innovation
  • Working with key industry sectors to improve performance
  • Monitoring the state of natural environment
  • Providing forensic science and evidence
  • Developing and delivering flood risk management through partnership
  • Implementing world-class flood forecasting and warning systems
  • Data visualization and analytics

We employ around 1,300 people across Scotland in a wide variety of roles, from scientists and regulators to economists and digital experts, and apply these skills across many disciplines including freshwater and marine issues, groundwater, air quality, soils, waste and resources, and radioactive substances. Working across specialisms and locations, we ensure that the right skills, knowledge and experience are in place to provide world-class environmental protection.

Our Team

Allan Reid
Allan Reid
Donna Brodie
Donna Brodie
Sam Curran
Sam Curran